Faceshop Mask Sheets

The Face Shop Facial Mask Sheets (15 Treatments)

New York Times review:

“These Facial Mask Sheets are tissue thin and soaked in moisturizing serum. Reviewers say they leave their skin softer than the competition.”

Featured in New York Times’ 2017 Gift Guide.

Aggregated customer review rating:

4.1 out of 5.0

Ranked 244th in Gifts

Ranked 21st in Beauty

Ranked 20th in Stocking Fillers

Ranked 122nd in Women

$ 14

The Face Shop offers an exclusive range of products that make use of the organically derived ingredients from nature. And the list of Facial masks that the face shop has in their portfolio displays a vivid packaging with pictures of cucumber, tomatoes, green tea, etc.

The Face Shop Facial Mask Sheets have a total of 15 ranges in their list of sheet masks.  The Real nature range from among the list has the serums made from natural extracts like that of honey, Olive, berries, rice, Aloe Vera, etc. The Nourishing face mask is usually preferred during long travels as it becomes extremely difficult to maintain the skincare routine during travel. This face mask helps to replenish the skin’s missing nourishment during such hectic travel schedules.

The pack also contains a hydrating face mask, that works best when used after coming back from a party, especially after consumption of alcohol. As it’s a well-known fact that alcohols drain out the water content from the body, leaving the skin deprived of any kind of hydration. This hydrating face mask comes in handy during these times.

You also get a radiance face mask, which is a regular go-to face mask. But it’s basically the Pore care Face mask, that does its magic in reducing the pores through regular usage.

All in all, the face shop facial mask sheets have such a wide selection of mask sheets that can be used for days together, without repeating the same flavor. The much more interesting fact is that you will be able to customize your routine without having to spend a fortune on large, expensive serums necessary for the skin.

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