4.7 Casa Camper Berlin

Hotel Casa Camper, Berlin


“Casa Camper is located in the heart of Berlin’s Mitte shopping and sightseeing district, a short walk from Museum Island and the Mulackstrasse boutiques. The hotel is stylish but understated, offering stunning views over the rooftops of central Berlin and the steeples of Prenzlauer Berg.”

$ 149 $ 149 $ 149 $ 149
4.7 Hotel am Steinplatz Berlin

Hotel am Steinplatz Autograph Collection, Berlin

New York Times

“The Hotel am Steinplatz in Berlin opened as a luxury hotel in 1913, in an elegant building designed by the German Art Nouveau-inspired architect August Endell. A super luxurious and comfortable experience that has both Old World aristocratic touches as well as a stylish modern feel.”

$ 153 $ 153 $ 153 $ 153
4.6 Das Stue Hotel Berlin

Das Stue Hotel, Berlin

Lonely Planet

“This charismatic refuge in a 1930s Danish diplomatic outpost flaunts understated grandeur and has the Tiergarten park as a front yard. A crocodile sculpture flanked by sweeping staircases fluidly leads the way to a hip bar, a Michelin-starred restaurant and sleekly furnished and spacious rooms.”

$ 267 $ 267 $ 267 $ 267
4.7 Michelberger Hotel Berlin

Michelberger Hotel, Berlin

Lonely Planet

“The ultimate in creative crash pads, Michelberger perfectly encapsulates Berlin’s offbeat DIY spirit without being self-consciously cool. Rooms don’t hide their factory pedigree, but are comfortable and come in sizes suitable for lovebirds, families or rock bands.”

$ 104 $ 104 $ 104 $ 104
4.5 Soho House Berlin

Soho House Hotel, Berlin


“In 2010, the Soho House Berlin, a 40-room hotel and private club aimed at the city’s upwardly mobile “creative” class, became the newest tenant on Torstrasse, a street in central Berlin once peppered with squats and illegal art spaces.”

$ 256 $ 256 $ 256 $ 256
4.5 Schlosshotel im Grunewald Berlin

Patrick Hellmann Schlosshotel im Grunewald, Berlin


“For those looking to enjoy Berlin from a less urban home base, the Schlosshotel im Grunewald, in the upscale and leafy Charlottenburg neighborhood, offers bucolic surroundings and luxury.”

$ 235 $ 235 $ 235 $ 235
4.6 Hotel de Rome Berlin

Rocco Forte Hotel De Rome, Berlin


“Just off Berlin’s grand royal boulevard of Unter den Linden, the imposing Hotel de Rome is popular with visiting diplomats and politicians. It has an unexpected back story: as the central bank of the German Democratic Republic, it likely played host to even more backroom deals than it does today.”

$ 348 $ 348 $ 348 $ 348
4.8 Gorki Apartments Berlin

Gorki Apartments, Berlin


“Built inside a 19th-century residential building, this aparthotel is worth booking for the location alone. It’s flanked by cool bars, indie boutiques and great restaurants in the heart of buzzy Mitte.”

$ 176 $ 176 $ 176 $ 176
4.5 25Hours Bikini Berlin

25Hours Hotel Bikini, Berlin

New York Times

“A fashionable, comfortable and modern experience with sweeping views of old Berlin.If the name Bikini Berlin doesn’t give you a sense of this boutique hotel’s playful vibe, you’ll get it from the bicycles dangling from the ceiling at the entrance and the receptionists’ casually hip disheveled sweatshirts.”

$ 129 $ 129 $ 129 $ 129
4.1 Almodovar Hotel Berlin

Almodóvar Biohotel, Berlin

New York Times

“Almodóvar Hotel, a 60-room eco boutique property that opened in 2012 in the Friedrichshain district, combines smart, pared-down design with a focus on environmental sustainability that stretches from the textiles to the lighting to the organic, vegetarian breakfast spread.”

Featured in New York Times’ 36 Hours in Berlin.

$ 95 $ 95 $ 95 $ 95
4.5 Titanic Deluxe Hotel Berlin

Titanic Deluxe Hotel Gendarmenmarkt, Berlin

New York Times

“The newest addition to the Turkish luxury hotel chain, Titanic Deluxe Berlin opened this March in a newly renovated landmarked 19th-century building that once housed the costumes of the Berlin State Opera. Amenities include a 1,000-square-meter spa with a hamam and a restaurant run by popular local Turkish restaurant Hasir.”

Featured in New York Times’ 36 Hours in Berlin.

$ 140 $ 140 $ 140 $ 140
4.4 Huttenpalast Hotel Berlin

Hotel Hüttenpalast, Berlin

The Guardian

“The name Hüttenpalast – which translates loosely as ‘hut palace’ –gives some idea of what to expect from Berlin’s most idiosyncratic accommodation option. It’s a former vacuum cleaner factory in the hip Neukölln district and offers ‘rooms’ in a range of converted vintage caravans and repurposed huts in an indoor setting among fake grass and fairy-lit silver birches.”

Featured in The Guardian’s 20 great hotels to stay in Germany in 2016.

$ 85 $ 85 $ 85 $ 85