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Cyprus is an island country in the Eastern Mediterranean with a rich history that dates back to the 10th millennium BC. Cyprus is a major tourist destination in the Mediterranean region seeing millions of visitors yearly. The island country has an advanced high-income economy that makes it attractive to migrants and tourists as well as foreign investments. The island is dominated by Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots who share a lot in common but also have differences. Both groups of people have a hospitable culture that makes the country appealing to visitors. In both communities, it is common to see them buying food for guests or offering guests with foods and drinks. Also common to both communities is a social lifestyle that includes a love for arts, music, and dance. The culture and religion of both communities differ which makes it an interesting place for curious visitors to learn about other ways of life.

Cyprus holds an annual carnival called the Limassol Carnival Festival which is held in Limassol. The event is popular throughout the island and sees thousands of people.

Cyprus has a special appreciation for art throughout its history which is why conceptual art is strongly promoted on the island.

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What are the best areas to stay in Cyprus?

A magnificent island country, Cyprus is the third most populous, in the Mediterranean. Blessed with a rich culture, it makes for one of the oldest civilisations of the Mediterranean. Cyprus is placed south of Turkey.

Limassol Old Town
Waking up to an authentic ‘Cyprus style' brunch is the preferred lifestyle of the neighbourhood of Limassol. The town is structured beautifully, and there are several winding narrow streets. Limassol Old Town is historical at heart. Limassol castle and the ancient city of Kuorion are two important attractions at Limassol.

This place is marked with Turkish style houses. Hence, it also gets the name of ‘Old Turkish Quarter’. Several artisans have their workshops along the streets. This area is like a flashback from the past lifestyle, with traditional and magnificent old Turkish houses. The area of Larnaca is centrally located. Larnaca enjoys a seaside location. The Salt Lake and the Hala Sultan mosque are two beautiful places to visit at Larnaca.

Ayia Napa
Another stunning area that adorns Cyprus and attracts a large number of tourists is Ayia Napa. High on night-life, Ayia Napa has white sand beaches. This area is full of budget rooms, luxury hotels and even holiday villas.

Famagusta and Varosha
This area is absolutely worth visiting. While Famagusta is an alluring old town, Varosha is said to be a ghost town. The Varosha beach is also prepossessing.

Paphos and Coral Bay
Lying on the south-west coast, Paphos is a hub of elegant resorts and cafes. Coral Bay beach and Paphos beach, are arrestingly divine.

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