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This is a city in northern inland Morocco and the capital of the Fas-Meknas administrative region. Fez is one of the most important cities in the country and is also one of the most the populous. Fez is also popular for being situated at the crossroads of the important cities in the region which makes it important in Trans-Saharan Trade.

The city is home to several madrasa, mosques, zawiyas and city gates which still survive till today. The building features a spectacular design that includes Moorish and Moroccan architectural styles.

Fez is largely divided into two old medina quarters; Fes el Bali and Fes Jdid and also divided into the modern urban area of Ville Nouvelle. Fez historic center is listed as one of the World Heritage Site and is regarded by many as the world’s largest urban car-free zone.

The city is also famous for its University of Al Quaraouiyine; the university was founded in 859 and is the oldest continuously functioning university in the world.

Fez has been described over the years as the “Mecca of the West” or sometimes the “Athens of Africa”. As a result of such names and other reasons, the city is one of the most visited on the continent of Africa.

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What are the best neighborhoods to stay in Fez?

Fez, also written and pronounced as Fes, is the capital of the Fas- Meknes region, in inland Morocco. It is called the ‘Mecca of the West’. The city of Fez is also referred to, as the cultural capital of Morocco. Culinary practices are central to the city of Fez. This beautiful Moroccan city is the perfect blend of both, old structures and cultures, and new practices and lifestyle.

Ville Nouvelle
The neighbourhood of Ville Nouvelle is a contemporary style neighbourhood. One can spot several shopping locations, cafes and restaurants in this neighbourhood. One of the must-visit site of this neighbourhood is Majorelle Garden.

Fes El-Jdid
The neighbourhood of Fes El-Jdid is the central neighbourhood of the district. The main street of this neighbourhood, called the Grand Rue De Fes El- Jdid, is quite popular. There is a fine leather shop on this street. The neighbourhood of Fes El-Jdid is well known for its historical touch.

Fes El-Bali
This neighbourhood is one of the oldest regions of Fez. It was once the capital of the Idrisid dynasty. This region of Fez is also the world's largest car-free zone. Fes El- Bali is home to the oldest university in the world, University of Al- Karaouien. This neighbourhood is famous for its mint tea and magnificent gardens. The neighbourhood of Fes El- Bali is symbolic of the Moroccan heritage.

Nejjarine Square
The area of Nejjarine is more than a neighbourhood. It makes for a great tourist attraction. This area also houses a popular museum and several shops that sell wood and cabinet work.

This neighbourhood is the Jewish Quarter of Fez. This beautiful area is abundant is dainty houses with iron windows and quaint balconies and porches.

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