Best hotels in Hong Kong

Here you'll find a list of the best hotels in Hong Kong which have been recommended by critics from The New York Times, The Guardian, Lonely Planet and many more. All hotel recommendations are referenced with customer reviews from several booking platforms and all listed hotels have a rating of at least 4 out of 5 stars.

4.4 Hotel Indigo Hong Kong

Hotel Indigo, Hong Kong

New York Times

”Conveniently located in Wan Chai, the 138-room Hotel Indigo has a bright, locally inspired décor—goldfish pillows, Chinese lanterns–along with a glass-bottom, rooftop pool cantilevered over the bustling sidewalks 29 floors below.”

Featured in New York Times’ 36 Hours in Hong Kong.

4.4 Tuve Hotel Hong Kong

Tuve Hotel, Hong Kong

New York Times

”The 66-room Tuve Hotel is bringing boutique chic to the gentrifying neighborhood of Tin Hau. The design is minimalist, using gray-toned raw materials like concrete, marble, steel and glass, with unique touches like the desk-minibar-in-a-box combo unit to save space.”

Featured in New York Times’ 36 Hours in Hong Kong.

4.3 Hyatt Regency Hong Kong

Hyatt Regency Hotel Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

Lonely Planet

“Top marks to this classic that exudes understated elegance and composure. Rooms are plush and relatively spacious, with those on the upper floors commanding views over the city.”

4.8 Upper House Hong Kong

Hotel The Upper House, Hong Kong

Lonely Planet

“Every corner here spells Zen-like serenity: the understated lobby, the sleek ecominded rooms, the elegant sculptures, the warm and discreet service, and the manicured lawn where guests can join free yoga classes.”

4.3 Hotel The Fleming Hong Kong

Hotel The Fleming, Hong Kong


“After a beast of a renovation, The Fleming boutique hotel re-emerged in Wan Chai late 2017 with a new look, inspired by the green-and-white cross-harbor ferries. The design features contemporary maritime accents, such as porthole-like mirrors, industrial lamps and navy-striped rugs.”

4.6 Olympian Hotel Hong Kong

The Olympian Hotel, Hong Kong

New York Times

“Room-to-roam apartment-style living in a city where space is at a serious premium. Convenient to the airport and Kowloon’s attractions, it’s a luxuriant, calm oasis amid the Hong Kong hubbub, and surprisingly affordable.”