Best hotels in Las Vegas, Nevada

Here you'll find a list of the best hotels in Las Vegas which have been recommended by critics from The New York Times, The Guardian, Lonely Planet and many more. All hotel recommendations are referenced with customer reviews from several booking platforms and all listed hotels have a rating of at least 4 out of 5 stars.

4.5 Aria Sky Suites Las Vegas

ARIA Sky Suites Resort, Las Vegas


“Spread throughout the top floors of one of Aria’s towers, the 442 suites themselves are palatial, ranging from one to three bedrooms apiece. Each suite has separate living and powder rooms, as well as a bathroom that could double as a spa.”

4.3 Bellagio Las Vegas

Hotel Bellagio, Las Vegas

Lonely Planet

“When it opened in 1998, Bellagio was the world’s most expensive hotel. Aging gracefully, it remains one of America’s finest. Its sumptuous oversized guest rooms fuse classic style with modern amenities and feature palettes of platinum, indigo and muted white-gold.”

4.5 Encore Las Vegas

Hotel Encore at Wynn, Las Vegas

Lonely Planet

“Choose from Resort or Tower rooms at Steve Wynn’s youngest and arguably most stylish property, whose curvaceous form is an almost perfect inversion of Wynn’s, three years its senior.”

4.1 Resort W Las Vegas

Resort W, Las Vegas


“The 289 rooms at W Las Vegas boast mostly white walls, white couches, white furniture and even white bedding. The vibe is bright and clean. It’s also a signature look for designer Philippe Starck.”

4.2 Cromwell Hotel Las Vegas

The Cromwell Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas


“Décor in the 188 rooms at The Cromwell is inspired by Paris — wallpaper is textured and red, and beds have tufted headboards. What’s more, furnishings have an antique feel. The coffee table can double as a game table, and nightstands had previous lives as valises.”

4.4 Nobu Las Vegas Hotel

Nobu Hotel at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas


“Celebrity chef-turned-entrepreneur Nobu Matsuhisa and interior designer David Rockwell spared no expense in renovating the former Centurion Tower inside Caesars Palace to create their first hotel, and it shows.”