Best Hotels in Moscow, Russia

This is a list showing the best hotels in Moscow which are recommended by the most popular travel experts around the world from Frommer’s, Lonely Planet, Fodor’s, New York Times and more. All hotel recommendations have been referenced with customer reviews, and we only list hotels which have a review rating of at least 4 out of 5 stars.

Moscow is the capital city of Russia and also ranks most populous city of Russia. Moscow is the most important city in the whole of Russia; it is a major political, economic, cultural, and scientific center of Russia. Russia ranks as one of the largest cities in the world on several indexes mostly in the top twenty regions. ‘The city is one of the fastest growing tourist destinations in the world according to the Mastercard Global Destination Cities Index, one of the reasons for the presence of some of the best hotels and resorts in the world.

Moscow is the coldest megacity and metropolis on Earth and is home to some of the fascinating landmarks and architecture in the world; it is home to the Ostankino Tower which is the tallest free-standing structure in Europe and the Federation Tower which is the tallest skyscraper in Europe. The Moscow International Business Center is one of the most important financial centers in the world.

Other tourist attractions such as the Spasskaya Tower of the Moscow Kremlin and the Bolshoi Theatre are some of the most famous landmarks in the city. The Cathedral of Christ the Savior is one of the most visited places in the city.

Through the recommended hotels listed below, you can easily find the best places to stay in Moscow, Russia.

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What are the best neighborhoods to stay in Moscow?

Moscow is a cosmopolitan city and the capital of Russia located on the Moskva River in the western part of the country. It has several landmarks such as the Kremlin, St. Basil’s Cathedral, Lenin’s Mausoleum, and State Historical Museum. Some of the best neighborhoods in Moscow are:

Khamovniki is a former neighborhood with brick and textile factories and now is the home to several technology and advertising companies such as Yandex and Leo Burnett. It is replete with several restaurants, bars and trendiest cafes.

Vin Zavod/Artplay
Vin Zavod is one of the coolest neighborhoods in the city that is renowned for its book stores, cafes, theaters and art galleries. The area was once home to huge factories that produced wine and other products in the Soviet era. The city’s principal architect Sergey Kuznetsov is now intending to add miles of electric cars parking and bicycle lanes in the area.

Patriarch Ponds
Patriarch Ponds is a neighborhood that has sparse buildings and architectural structures but is the home to the city’s intelligentsia. It was home to Maksim Gorky and Mikhail Bulgakov and is a serene area with narrow streets around a beautiful pond.

Zamoskvorechye is a neighborhood that is a blend of old and contemporary city and it has several cafes, restaurants, and new businesses. The city is being considered to be transformed into a smart city with up gradation in its infrastructure.

Kitay-Gorod is a cosmopolitan neighborhood near the Kremlin that is home to a wide section of the society- artists, immigrants, wanderers and gamblers. The area is renowned for its nightlife housing several bars and clubs.

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