Best Hotels in New York City

This is a list showing the best hotels in New York City which are recommended by the most popular travel experts around the world from CNN, Lonely Planet, Fodor’s, New York Times and more. All hotel recommendations have been referenced with customer reviews, and we only list hotels which have a review rating of at least 4 out of 5 stars.

Often referred to as NYC or simply New York, this fine city is one of dreams. The inspiration behind some of the most excellent music of all time as well as some of the best film, New York is indeed a city of dreams. The city has been described as the cultural, financial, and media capital of the world while its impact on sectors such as commerce, research, technology, politics, tourism, and sports is invaluable. The city’s fast pace defines the term New York minute. The city is also an important center of international diplomacy.

One of the most iconic statues in the world is the Statue of Liberty which symbolizes the ideals of liberty and peace of the United States. To the entire world, the statue is the symbol of the United States. It is one of the most visited spots in the city.

The city hosted three of the most visited tourist attractions in the world in 2013 with tens of millions of tourists visiting many districts and landmarks within the city. The city has been described by many as several appellations, some of them are world’s heart, and world’s crossroads.

Through the recommended hotels listed below, you can easily find the best places to stay in New York City.

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What are the best neighborhoods to stay in New York City?

New York or the New York State is the most populous city of U.S. It is at the core of the business, music, culinary and several other prominent industries of United States. It is the city of world-class hotels, elegant cafes, unique markets, tourist attractions, carnivals, festivals and so on.

Chelsea is quite a popular name. It is a busy locality with a lot of working-class crowd. The nightlife at Chelsea is absolutely vibrant and thrilling. There are several art galleries in this region. The area of Chelsea makes for the perfect tourists' abode.

East Village
The very vibe of this neighbourhood, will lend you an air of joy and freedom. A lot of college students dwell here. The Tomkins Square Park is the gathering spot for the residents of East Village. This place is full of lively bars, and restaurants with beautiful decors and interiors.

Hell’s Kitchen
As its name suggests, this locality is all about food. A few strides away from the Times Square, Hell's Kitchen is an excellent place for food lovers. There are several eateries and authentic diners. Thai, Italian and French cuisines are quite popular here. The Ninth Avenue, Restaurant Row and the Hudson River make this place even more charming.

This is a pretty little historical place with schools and theatres. Harlem is absolutely New York at heart.

Nolita is not a busy locality. It is more of a peaceful, warm residential setting. The Mulberry, Moth and Elizabeth streets of Nolita, are quite a sight.

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