Best Hotels in Ottawa, Canada

This is a list showing the best hotels in Ottawa which are recommended by the most popular travel experts around the world from CNN, Lonely Planet, Fodor’s, New York Times and more. All hotel recommendations have been referenced with customer reviews, and we only list hotels which have a review rating of at least 4 out of 5 stars.

Ottawa is the capital city of Canada. The city has the most educated population among Canadian cities and is home to some of the most popular cultural institutions in the country. The city ranks high on several indexes which makes it attractive to visitors and tourists. The city has the highest standard of living among Canadian cities and the lowest unemployment rate among Canadian cities. Dubbed the best place to live in Canada, it ranks the 24th worldwide in the quality of life index. The city has several post-secondary and research institutions as well as numerous national museums and landmarks buildings such as the National Arts Centre and National Gallery.

Ottawa has played host to several international and important events and conferences with significance to Canadian history; some of the events include the first visit of the reigning Canadian Sovereign and the first raising of the country’s new national flag.

Ottawa is a top tourist destination in Canada and one of the most visited cities in the country. Landmarks such as the Parliament Hill, the National War Memorial, Rideau Canal and the National Gallery of Canada make the city a top draw for tourism.

Through the recommended hotels listed below, you can easily find the best places to stay in Ottawa, Canada.

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What are the best neighborhoods to stay in Ottawa?

Ottawa, deriving its name from the river Ottawa, is the capital of Canada. This capital city has several tourist attractions. Ottawa is most popular for Victorian buildings and structures. There are many museums in this city as well.

Island Park
This is an absolutely mesmerising locality in the city of Ottawa. Full of residential spots and lush greenery, it is a place anyone would love to reside in. Island Park is full of trails for long brisk walks and bike rides. The families living here are educated and well to do.

This is a family-centric neighbourhood, and is full of people belonging to diverse cultures. It is a vibrant and full-of-life locality. There are plenty of avenues for outdoor recreation.

Orleans Village
Orleans Village - Chateauneuf is placed on the east end of the city of Ottawa. This locality is diverse in terms of ethnicity. There are some amazing eateries and cafes, which are pretty affordable. Tattoo studios, churches, golf courses, the area of Orleans Village has it all.

Wellington West and Hintonburg
The locality of Wellington West and Hintonburg is pretty hipster in its lifestyle. Local pubs, breweries, art galleries adorn the streets of this area. It is a place where the artistic community resides.

Glebe is a part of downtown Ottawa. 20th-century homes and shops are a common sight while taking a stroll down the streets of Glebe. This area has a historic touch to it. It is an impeccably charming community neighbourhood which is sure to keep you craving to spend more time here.

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