Best hotels in Paris, France

Here you'll find a list of the best hotels in Paris which have been recommended by critics from The New York Times, The Guardian, Lonely Planet and many more. All hotel recommendations are referenced with customer reviews from several booking platforms and all listed hotels have a rating of at least 4 out of 5 stars.

4.6 Hotel Providence Paris

Hotel Providence, Paris

New York Times

“With its classic-chic design, cozy restaurant and convenient location, the Hôtel Providence is a fashionable and affordable resting spot in one of Paris’s most dynamic neighborhoods.”

4.6 Hotel de Nell Paris

Hôtel de Nell, Paris

New York Times

“Hôtel de Nell offers travelers an ideal location away from congested tourist areas but close to major attractions, an eager-to-please staff and upscale finishes.­”

4.5 L'Hotel Paris

L’Hôtel, Paris

New York Times

“Built in 1827, L’Hotel is the last place that Oscar Wilde resided, and holds a special place in Parisians’ hearts. The discreet and historic five-star hotel has 20 glamorous rooms, including a nearly 600-square-foot penthouse with a terrace a restaurant bar and hammam pool in the basement.”

Featured in New York Times’ 36 Hours in Paris.

4.5 Hotel Henriette Paris

Hôtel Henriette, Paris

Lonely Planet

“Interior designer Vanessa Scoffier scoured Paris’ flea markets for over a year sourcing unique pieces, such as Platner chairs and 1950s lighting, to give each of these 32 rooms a one-of-a-kind twist.”

4.5 Le Citizen Hotel Paris

Le Citizen Hotel, Paris

Lonely Planet

“This alluring 12-room boutique hotel on the banks of Canal St-Martin was the first to bring iPads, filtered water and a warm minimalist design to this once-edgy part of town.”

4.5 Hotel Edgar Paris

Hôtel Edgar, Paris

Lonely Planet

“Twelve playful rooms, each decorated by a different team of artists or designers, await the lucky few who secure a reservation at this former convent/seamstress workshop.”