Best Hotels in Rome, Italy

Below is a list of the best hotels in Rome as recommended by the most popular travel experts around the world from CNN, Lonely Planet, Fodor’s, New York Times and more. All the hotel recommendations on the list have been referenced with customer reviews, and we only list hotels which have a review rating of at least 4 out of 5 stars.
Rome is the capital of Italy and a special commune. Historically, it is one of the most popular cities on earth and the home to some of the world’s most important history. Spanning over 28 centuries, Rome has some of the richest histories on earth. It is one of the oldest continuously occupied sites in Europe and the world at large. Rome is regarded as the home of Western civilization and described by some as the first ever metropolis in the world.
Rome became one of the first major centers of the Italian Renaissance and the birthplace of both the Baroque style and Neoclassicism. Rome has been the center of creating masterpieces by several artists, sculptors, and architects. As one of the most popular cities in the world, the city sees millions of visitors yearly.
The city is a global city with influence in arts, fashion, media, culture, architecture, and religion. UNESCO lists the historic center of the city as a World Heritage Site while several landmark buildings and structures such as the Colosseum and Vatican Museums are some of the most famous in the world.
Through the recommended hotels listed below, you can easily find the best places to stay in Rome, Italy.

Rome Hotels
4.8 Villa Spaletti Trivelli Rome

Villa Spalletti Trivelli, Rome

Lonely Planet

“This glorious boutique hotel resides in a mansion fitted out with 16th-century tapestries, antique books and original period furnishings. Its 14 romantic suites are elegantly decorated, with lovely green garden views.”

4.7 Inn At The Roman Forum

The Inn At The Roman Forum, Rome


“The name doesn’t lie. This small hotel is tucked down a medieval lane, on the edge of Monti and with the forums of several Roman emperors as neighbors. Its midsized rooms are sumptuously decorated.”

Featured as Frommer’s Exceptional Choice in Rome.

4.7 Hotel Eden Rome

Hotel Eden Dorchester Collection, Rome

CN Traveler

“It is elegant and calm, with marble floors, a gold-lit ceiling and vases of freshly-picked flowers in every corner. Everything is flawless, but it’s the staff that truly stand out, taking care of guests’ every need, from tour bookings to dinner reservations.”

Featured in CN Traveler’s 2018 Hot List

4.8 Hotel De Ricci Rome

Hotel De’ Ricci, Rome

CN Traveler

“Old school lushes and anyone who enjoys a tipple will love Hotel De’ Ricci. This is a place that’s all about the wine, with eight seriously smart rooms. You get the feeling you’re somewhere swanky the moment you walk in, all secluded booths, low lighting, and draped curtains.”

Featured in CN Traveler’s 2018 Hot List

4.4 DOM Hotel Rome

DOM Hotel, Rome

New York Times

“In a 17th-century palazzo in the historic center, D. O. M is a luxurious hotel with 24 rooms and suites that opened in late 2013. The richly textured décor is an appealing mix of old and new — think artworks ranging from Renaissance-era marble inscriptions to Andy Warhol silk-screens — and the clubby rooftop terrace is a new hot spot for aperitivi in warmer months.”

Featured in New York Times’ 36 Hours in Rome.

4.3 Hotel Navona Rome

Hotel Navona, Rome


“Location is really the key to this unpretentious establishment. The hotel is within easy walking distance of Campo de’ Fiori and the Pantheon and Hotel Navona is on one of the quieter streets.”