4.4 W Hotel Singapore

The W Hotel Sentosa Cove, Singapore

New York Times

“A modern, plush hotel with a terrific range of amenities. Unabashedly kooky in a stylish way, this 240-room hotel introduced the chain’s trademark in-your-face flashiness to one of Singapore’s wealthiest ZIP codes when it opened in 2012.”

$ 268 $ 268 $ 268 $ 268
4.2 Wanderlust Hotel Singapore

Wanderlust Hotel, Singapore

New York Times

“A few boutique hotels have sprung up in the last couple of years, including Wanderlust, the latest arrival in a 1920s building in little India.”

Featured in New York Times’ 36 Hours in Singapore.

$ 112 $ 112 $ 112 $ 112
4.4 Westin Singapore

Hotel The Westin, Singapore


“All rooms come with glass-to-ceiling windows and the 32nd-floor lobby is (currently) the highest in Singapore. But the Westin’s crown is the 35th-floor infinity pool that goes neck-and-neck with the pool at the Marina Bay Sands for the title of best in Singapore.”

$ 195 $ 195 $ 195 $ 195
4.4 Capella Singapore

Capella Hotel, Singapore


“The romanticism of the British colonial era lives on at the six-star Capella Singapore resort designed by Lord Norman Foster. Sprawling 30 acres, the 112-room property lives up to its luxe reputation with extras like a personal butler per guest, a three-tiered swimming pool overlooking the South China Sea.”

$ 441 $ 441 $ 441 $ 441
4.4 Marina Bay Sands Singapore

Hotel Marina Bay Sands, Singapore


“Featuring three towers with a connecting, boat-shaped rooftop that houses one of Singapore’s hottest bars (Ku Dé Ta) and one of the world’s most photographed pools (57 stories high), Marina Bay Sands is not your average luxury hotel. Nor is it a place for those who like their hotels small and quaint.”

$ 358 $ 358 $ 358 $ 358
4.6 Amoy Hotel Singapore

Hotel Amoy by Far East, Singapore

New York Times

“Step through its heavy wooden doors and a calm washes over you — making this one of the most unusual entrances to a Singapore hotel. A charming — and calming — Chinese-inflected boutique experience in the heart of busy Singapore.”

$ 154 $ 154 $ 154 $ 154
4.6 Ritz Carlton Singapore

Ritz-Carlton Millenia Hotel, Singapore

New York Times

“With spectacular views over the city and a secluded pool area, the newly renovated Ritz-Carlton Millenia is a luxury option that’s also child friendly.”

Featured in New York Times’ 36 Hours in Singapore.

$ 330 $ 330 $ 330 $ 330
4.0 Klapstar Singapore

Klapstar Boutique Hotel, Singapore


“Funky, compact Klapstar is the antithesis of Singapore’s big brand hotels. Klapstar has just 17 rooms, but it might be the most interesting accommodations in Singapore. Everything about this boutique property has been ingeniously thought out.”

$ 162 $ 162 $ 162 $ 162