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Palazzo Manfredi Rome

Stunning Old Structures Reborn As Hotels

Sometimes a hotel is more than just a place to rest a weary head or sleep when a day of adventuring is over. Sometimes, it is a building that houses a rich well of history and heritage. Sometimes, it is a tourist attraction in and of itself.

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25hours Hotel Hamburg

7 Brilliantly Single Themed Hotels

The hotels compiled in the following list have taken a single theme and designed an atmosphere around it that invites guests in and tempts them to stay as long as possible. Here are seven of the best single themed hotels in the world.

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Secret Bay Dominica

The Most Spectacular Clifftop Hotels in the World

Clifftop hotels offer the best of both worlds in the form of amazing views and award-worthy accommodations featuring top-of-the-line conveniences and comfortable furnishings. We have compiled a list of the best clifftop hotels in the world that did.

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Albergo L'ostelliere Piedmont

7 of the World’s Best Wine Hotels

Wide open spaces, coolly pleasant climates, breath-taking views, luxurious accommodations, great tasting wine… Vineyard hotels truly do have the right combination of features that invite guests to relax.

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Denver Westin Hotel

Best Airport Hotels in the World

Whether guests to a country or city are staying for leisure or business, sometimes a hotel near the airport makes the ideal choice. However, these airport hotels, as they are called, do not only have to be strictly functional.

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Six Senses Bhutan

Hottest New Hotel Openings in 2018

No doubt about it! There are big things happening in 2018, from the release of record-breaking movies to royal weddings and major sports events. Amid all of this excitement, the openings of hot new hotels around the globe serve as the cherry on top.

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